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Tragická dopravní nehoda u Nitry

Informace o řetězci akcí, které proběhnou v rámci Světového dne obětí dopravních nehod



EN version - Introduction

The Czech Association of Traffic Accidents Victims (further referred to only as CSODN) is a civic association seated in Prague (the capital of the Czech Republic), founded in 2004 especially by the bereaved and professionals interested in the problem of road traffic accidents consequences.

CSODN is aimed to support the victims of traffic accidents, to improve the quality of life of victims and their family members including bereaved persons and also to increase the traffic safety or traffic accidents prevention.

Grouping of traffic accidents victims and their family members, the experts and non-specialist public who is interested in improvement the situation of the victims and their family members is also an important objective of CSODN.

Many people after traffic road accidents suffer serious long-term consequences (injury, pain, hard material and financial harms, they have to solve many practical problems, for exemple concerning funerals, official acts, meetings, actions in court, assuring professional health or social care) or definitive loss of their family members.

That is why it is very important to have somebody in your neighbourhood who will listen to you, hold your arm, share the pain or help with the practical affairs.

Don´t hesitate to find out and ask the others for a concrete aid. Never forget that you are not alone.

CSODN gives you a helpful hand in the form of psychosocial and legal aid.

Our working team is composed of psychosocial workers of counseling office, members of CSODN – especially family members of traffic accidents victims, experts responsible for particular areas: psychology, law, traffic safety and social security.

For further information go to the section informační letáčky (that means informative leaflets: Leaflet about CSODN and Leaflet for the bereaved). Thank you.



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